How To Play GTA 5 Online for Free Without Downloading Files (2023)


Almost every gamer has always wanted to play GTA 5, and even though that it is an old game, many people still want to play it on their PC. GTA 5 is a fantastic open-world game, and if you’ve played it or watched gameplay videos, you know there’s nothing else like it.

But a serious issue that players experience when playing GTA V is that the game’s file size is large to download, as well as the lack of a PC with a high setup or any gaming consoles.

You can play GTA 5 online for free without downloading it to your PC by following the guidelines in this article you’re reading. You can play GTA 5 without downloading it to your phone or pc.

If you assume this to be impossible, know that there are several situations in which you can play PC and console games on your smartphone without having to download them first. The same proved true with GTA 5, which you can play on your PC or mobile device without downloading the game file.

Playing Grand Theft Auto V Online Without Downloading?

Anyone can now play their favorite PC and console games on their Android and iOS smartphones without having a PC or a Console thanks to cloud gaming software. While the services they provide aren’t free, these apps make it simple to play games like GTA 5 and other games. You can still spend a few dollars to get the opportunity to play large games without having to download them.

Gamers may play games on their PCs without having to download them thanks to websites like Let’s see how GTA 5 can be played online without downloading since this website is very well-liked and has many partners.


With, you can play GTA 5 Online without installing the actual GTA on your PC. PlayKey is a website that hosts games on a cloud server and lets its users play these games on their PCs via an internet connection. With PlayKey, it’s simple to play any game on a PC. You can even play high-end games on a PC with low configurations thanks to, which also offers a variety of games you can play without downloading.

You don’t need to download the game files themselves in order to play any games on your PC; all you need to do is download the PlayKey software. Additionally, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee because doesn’t provide cloud gaming services free charge.

How To Play GTA 5 Online Without Downloading.

Use the steps below to play GTA 5 Online on your PC without downloading the game.

Step 1: Visit Playkey

You must visit the Playkey official website and register for an account before you can play GTA 5 on your PC without downloading the actual game file. Visit and register an account there to achieve that.

Step 2: Download PlayKey Client

After you’ve confirmed your email and registered your account in step 1, you’ll need to check your inbox for a confirmation email. Get the Playkey PC client for your Windows PC by returning to the dashboard now. After that, sign in using your account.

Step 3: Buy Plan

The next step is to purchase a subscription plan that will allow you to play GTA 5 and any other PC or console games over the cloud after downloading the client and logging into your account. Select one of the payment options, and your email address will be provided with the payment details.

Step 4: Play GTA 5 Online

You can now search for GTA 5 via the Playkey client once you’ve purchased a plan, which means you’re ready to start. After seeing the game, connect your gamepad and start playing right away. You’ll have the best experience playing this game if your internet connection is really fast.


The best way to play GTA 5 online is through, which doesn’t require a PC download. Please leave a comment below if you use it; it’s among the best cloud gaming platforms available and is very reliable.


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